97 Squadron Losses - 16th/17th December 1943
Killed unless otherwise stated

Pilot: S/L Ernest Alfred Deverill
        Buried in Docking (St Mary) Churchyard, Norfolk
Flight Engineer: F/S Alexander Russell
        Buried in Epsom Cemetery
Navigator: P/O John Thomas Brown
        Buried in Belfast (Dundonald) Cemetery
Bomb Aimer: F/S Francis Roy Farr
        Buried in Windsor Cemetery
W/Op: F/S Ralph Crossgrove
        Buried in Cambridge City Cemetery
Mid-Upper Gunner: W/O James Benbow
        Severely injured
Rear Gunner: W/O Donald Jamieson Penfold
        Buried in Worthing (Durrington) Cemetery

Pilot: P/O James Kirkwood
        Buried in Kilwinning Cemetery
Flight Engineer: F/S Edward George Hubbard, "Ted"
        Buried in Croxton (St Paul's) Cemetery
Navigator: Sgt Robert Charles Stewart, "Bob"
        Buried in Braemar (St Andrews) Graveyard
Bomb Aimer: F/O George Alexander Wigley
        Buried in Carshalton (All Saints) Churchyard
W/Op: Sgt Ronald George Cleeve, possibly known as "Reg"
        Buried in Wyke Regis New Burial Ground
Mid-Upper Gunner: Sgt Leonard Madeley, "Len"
        Buried in Manchester Southern Cemetery
Rear Gunner: Sgt John Killen
        Buried in Hollinfare Cemetery

Pilot: Squadron Leader Donald Forbes Mackenzie
        Buried in Cambridge City Cemetery
Flight Engineer: P/O John Towler Pratt
        Buried in Clitheroe Cemetery
Navigator: F/S Robert Marshall
        Severely injured
Bomb Aimer: F/L William Alfred Colson
        Buried in Willesden New Cemetery
W/Op: F/S Anthony Hunter, "Tony"
        Injured (killed 10/4/44 flying with another crew)
Mid-Upper Gunner: F/S William Robert Lang        
Rear Gunner: F/S Keith Kirby
        Severely injured

Pilot: F/S Ian Macdonald Scott
        Buried in Cambridge City Cemetery
Flight Engineer: Sgt Charles William Collishaw
        Buried in Nottingham South Cemetery
Navigator: Sgt Samuel Joseph Peek
         Buried in City of London & Tower Hamlets Cemetery
Bomb Aimer: Sgt Douglas Raymond Irvine
        Buried in Cambridge City Cemetery
W/Op: Sgt Sidney George Parrott
        Buried in Liss (St Mary's) Churchyard
Mid-Upper Gunner: Sgt Kenneth Edgar Foxcroft
        Buried in Cambridge City Cemetery
Rear Gunner: Sgt Clifford Lionel Hope
        Buried in Cambridge City Cemetery

Pilot: F/O Edward Thackway, "Ted"
        Buried in Killinghall (St Thomas) Churchyard
Flight Engineer: Sgt George Grundy
        Buried in Bradford (Undercliffe) Cemetery
Navigator: Sgt Jack Powell
        Buried in Wakefield Cemetery
Bomb Aimer: P/O Leslie Kenneth Alexander Grant, "Sandy"
        Buried in Cambridge City Cemetery
W/Op: Sgt Peter Hughes Mack, "Joe"
        Severely injured
M/U Gunner: Sgt Robert Anthony Lawrence, "Tony"        
        Buried in Cambridge City Cemetery
Rear Gunner: Sgt Leslie Norman John Laver, "Les"
        Not injured
        Shot down &  killed 14-Jan-44 over Texel,
                buried in Texel (Den Burg) Cemetery


Pilot: F/L David James Brill
        No Known Grave, Runnymede Memorial
2nd Pilot: F/L Rowland Ernest Handley, "Tommy"
        No Known Grave, Runnymede Memorial
Flight Engineer: Sgt John Stone
        No Known Grave, Runnymede Memorial
Navigator: P/O Norman Gregor McIntyre, "Norm"
        Buried in Berlin 1939-45 Cemetery
Bomb Aimer: P/O Robert Butler
        Buried in Berlin 1939-45 Cemetery
W/Op: Sgt Harry Chappell
        No Known Grave, Runnymede Memorial
Mid-Upper Gunner: P/O Gordon James Little
        Buried in Berlin 1939-45 Cemetery
Rear Gunner: F/S Ernest John Battle
        Buried in Berlin 1939-45 Cemetery

Unfortunately no known picture of Brill
Aircrew on Berlin op - December 16/17 1943